Just Like A Daughter


There is a 2-visit minimum for assessment purposes at a fee of $110. However, where the provider determines, following a brief phone screen, that purchasing the service(s) would impose a genuine hardship, but is definitely needed, some level of sliding-scale adjustment downward is possible. Mileage is free within a 50-mile radius of Trenton, N.J. For home visits made outside the 50-mile radius, mileage will be charged at the current Federal reimbursement rate per mile.

This fee structure is somewhat different from that set by many private case managers, who, for the most part, charge significantly more for their services.

The service provider will need to secure the fee for the assessment visits, and have you sign the Service Agreement [Contract] before beginning work with your relative. Any further services, including case management and follow-up visitation, will be billed (via e-mail wherever possible), and full payment is anticipated within 30 days of the bill date. Fees for case management will be billed at a rate of $60/hour; however, billing will be done in 15-minute increments: There is no reason for you to pay for a full hour if work on your case only takes a 20-minute phone call!

Medicare Part B assignment is accepted for at-home psychotherapy service in the states of New Jersey and Pennsylvania, apart from any other services and fees.

Our goal is to make this affordable for everyone, including regular, working-class folks.





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