Just Like A Daughter

A few, most sincere, words from Marion:

Just Like A Daughter  is offering a needed, affordable service for our Seniors:  Iíve known this for the past ten years during which time Iíve struggled with the idea of ďputting on the hatĒ of a small entrepreneur. The main reason Iíve hesitated is because we live in a very litigious (suing) culture. So, I ask that you read the Service Agreement, below, carefully. Donít engage our services if you have any problem with it; ask, by phone, if you want clarification.

I have recently applied to become a Medicare Part B provider for clinical social work services in New Jersey and Pennsylvania. This enables me to expand the services offered to incorporate at-home geriatric counseling/psychotherapy. Seniors suffering from a host of behavioral health issues associated with losses, decrease in function, and isolation often canít get out to access necessary psychotherapeutic services. Counseling provided under Medicare will be billed at the Medicare assignment rate for contracted providers, separately from all other services provided, often without any additional co-pay.

Thanks for taking the time to review our Service Agreement [Contract]. If you wish to pursue service delivery from Just Like A Daughter, please print, personalize, and sign a copy of it and forward it to me at our mailing address on the Home Page.